Sunday, June 15, 2008


This past week we have had the honor of having the Traveling Wall come from Spokane to Moses Lake, Washington. Since my husband belongs to the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association here in Washington he was one of the many motorcyclists that helped escort the Traveling Wall.
Our daughter went to the opening ceremony and she told me that to see that Wall and know what it stands for and then to hear the National Anthem sung completely overwhelmed her. She began to cry.
My mind slipped back to the past. I remembered a friend with whom I had gone to school from the seventh grade through high school. After graduation she met and married a young man, Charlie. They were only married for about a week when he was shipped to Viet Nam. During that week she became pregnant. Charlie was the only child of parents that had both served in the Armed Forces. Four months after he was shipped out to Viet Nam we had a couple of Military personnel show up at our door. They were looking for my friend. My father had been in the service for twenty three years so we knew the news was not good. Charlie had been killed. I'll never forget that funeral. Charlie was to be a father but he would never hold his beautiful daughter. Charlie's story was not the only one. There were many like his.
Those that were fortunate enough to return home were spit upon and called names. I will never forget THAT either! The cry during that time was peace and love. Yup, they sure showed it.
They didn't realize that peace and love are impossible when you have elitists who are greedy and power hungry while wearing a mantle of respectability to cover their corruption so they can gain positions of power and run this country.
Now we have a man that refuses to wear a flag pin because he might be perceived as taking America's side on the world stage. This same man doesn't like our National Anthem because it denotes war. The scary part is that he is running for president of our nation and there are Americans that are actually considering him for that position. Is there no logic or reasonableness left in this world?
Have we learned anything from Viet Nam? Perhaps a little, but not enough.
I've heard the following statements many times. "We support our troops. We just don't support the war." That folks, is a play on words that our society has learned well. What you are telling our troops is, we support you but we don't support the work you do or the bravery you show in the face of danger every day.
We have a grandson that will probably be deployed to Iraq as well as our youngest son that is going there. Do I worry about them? Of course I do. I will be doing a lot of praying for them both. They both have families. They also know that we support them in every way.
Do we want our troops to come home? Yes we do, but let's do it in a reasonable and honorable way.

Saturday, May 31, 2008


Let me preface this posting by clarifying some facts about myself. I am not a hate monger, racist or bigot. I was raised to be tolerant of others no matter what their nationality, culture or race. If I must judge it is on the individual.
However, a problem has arisen in our country with multi-culturalism and illegal aliens that has overshadowed the rights of the American citizen and it is destroying our great country and the values we have always held dear.
For the sake of expediency this posting is about the illegal immigration problems.
I was reading an article in the Marietta Daily Journal written by D.A. King a guest columnist, in which he talked about an illegal alien who was upset about immigration and identity theft arrests at an Iowa meatpacking plant. This illegal alien was quoted as saying,"This country belongs to everybody, not just to the American people."
My answer is that this country is for the people that are here legally. We have laws and you are breaking them by your very presence here.
Ian Thompson wants full rights for "undocumented" people. Let's quit the play on words please. They are illegal aliens. He also wants ICE shut down completely.
Now there are organizations that want to form a coalition in Georgia that supposedly will be aimed at fighting "injustice" and "racism".
Just two of these many organizations was enough to make me shudder. The Nation of Islam and The National Council of La Raza. La Raza meaning "The Race".
To the Nation of Islam I have this to say. This is America. We are "One nation under God". If you want a nation of Islam go to an Islamic nation. Here's your hat. What's your hurry? If anyone came into my home and espoused the right to murder our own men, women and children in the name of Allah I would tell them to leave and never return or they would be arrested for trespassing and I would be completely within my rights to do so. In that same vein I, along with many others feel we are completely within our rights to tell you to leave our country for it is OUR home.
To the National Council of La Raza I have these words. You have stated outright some years ago that you feel the United States stole your land, which by the way is an outright lie, and you plan to take it back. That land was lost to you after the war with Santa Ana. The United States also paid some money for it as I recall and it was accepted. The southwestern part of the United States is no longer a part of Mexico and hasn't been for many years. If Mexico is so great that you feel the need to fly her flag then go back to Mexico and fly it there. The American people certainly didn't invite all the illegal aliens into our country. If we had, they certainly wouldn't be illegal.
As far as I am concerned, and this is my own humble opinion, these groups are subversive groups that the government shouldn't even allow here let alone fund La Raza through governmental programs to the tune of ten million dollars.
This coalition trying to form in Georgia wants to use civil rights as their way of achieving their goals. How dare they? In the sixties our country was going through a major upheaval. At that time civil rights was not only necessary but also was a noble cause. This coalition is not only unnecessary but also very far from being noble!
Our government's solution to all this would be a blanket amnesty for millions of illegals. Does that mean our Federal Government is ineffectual? Not at all. They have an agenda that coincides with that of big business and the World Bank. They no longer care what we, the people think or want. There are three branches of government that were designed to balance each other out, the executive, legislative and judicial branches. They no longer do this as they are all on the same page. This is why we have border patrol agents languishing in prison for shooting a known drug smuggler when they thought their lives were in danger. This is why David Olofson from Wisconsin has been convicted of transferring a machine gun when what he did was to loan a twenty year old semi automatic rifle to a friend to use at a shooting range and it malfunctioned.
In conclusion, we are in the midst of a power struggle. The power of these organizations, the power of the government, which by the way has grabbed more power than it should have and the power of we, the people. We, the people need to start organizing ourselves and regain the power afforded us by the Constitution before it is too late. Our borders must be secured by whatever means available to us under the law!

Monday, May 19, 2008


It is, "Ill scratch your back, you scratch mine" politics as usual. That is all our politicians know anymore.
Senator Feinstein should be ashamed of herself for hijacking the Iraq appropriations bill to further her agenda for the Illegal aliens!
Our servicemen and women need all the support they can get via funds for equipment and instead of openly helping them she and others are trying to make it contingent on whether the illegals get what they want. This is unconscionable.
Aren't we proud of our politicians? When they aren't forthright because they know the public will not accept their proposals, they sneak things in with other bills they know Americans will accept. This is nothing less than extortion!
I don't know how they can face the public. They should be slinking away into the shadows.
The Senate Appropriations Committee approved Senator Feinstein's amendment 17 - 12. Big surprise as there are none of them that have the intestinal fortitude to think of our servicemen first, particularly Senator Feinstein. This amendment allows 1.35 MILLION illegal workers in agriculture to remain for an initial five year period. In other words, our own government is aiding and abetting criminal behavior. With family members included the total amnesty would be 3 MILLION! In that five year period how many anchor babies do you think will be born?
The committee also voted to expand the H-2B visa program.
Maybe there should be an amendment to limit the terms a senator can run. We need new blood in our government but we want to be careful there too because we certainly don't need Senator Obama or anyone like him.
Call your senators and tell them this will not fly with the American people and also how ashamed they should be for even trying this.

"If our great country falls it will be from within.
Our own government will hand us over."
Robert Hally Miller

Sunday, May 18, 2008


I thought we had a democratic form of government. Foolish me. Our government is moving closer and closer to a dictatorship. If you don't believe me you really need to do some checking.
How many of you know about the SPP and if you do, how much do you really know about it?
We have a major illegal immigration problem and our government refuses to do anything constructive to solve the problem. Their solution is amnesty for all. In the meantime wages are stagnant at best. Americans are continuing to lose jobs and our social programs, given to illegals and paid for by this country's taxpayers are overburdened. Hospitals are having to close and our politicians are refusing to listen to us, instead they are pandering to the illegals.
They refuse to make English our official language. In response to one of my queries I was told that it wasn't viable to do such a thing as the people that need the benefits the most wouldn't be able to receive them. Now I wonder who they might be talking about? If you know about the SPP and the plans for a North American Union it isn't hard to figure out why.
While our public schools teach the basic educational fundamentals, they do not teach our children to think for themselves. Schools have basically become indoctrination centers under the guise of teaching multiculturalism.
Our Christian heritage is being pushed down lower and lower in favor of the Muslims Islam, again in the guise of multiculturalism and when we complain we are accused of being bigoted.
We continue, however, to have Americans that refuse to see what is happening. They continue to live in denial and will continue to do so until it is too late.
There are some Americans, however, that not only see what is happening, but also are speaking out on all these issues. I applaud them!
As for the rest, PLEASE wake up before it is too late!